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 We are a veteran-owned small business.  Dave Adams served in the military for 11.5 years.  Enlisting first in 2003 in the Army Reserves as an Ammunition Specialist, Dave decided to join ROTC at North Georgia College and State University.  In 2006, Dave commissioned as an Aviation Officer, and wanted to fly the OH-58D so he could directly support the personnel on the ground.  The OH-58D is an Armed Scout Reconnaissance Helicopter and the primary mission is to perform armed reconnaissance. (Technically the OH-58D was retired a few years ago for some unknown reason, or at least for a reason that is not good enough for me!)




We believe in sauce that not only brings heat, but also packs a ton of flavor. These sauces have been in development for several years, and we know that you will find the products unique, delicious, and versatile.



"The spices that come in this bottle are just the right amount. The bottle was completely empty in over a week."

-Chris Gravely

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